A growing global phenomenon, Xiaomi has an amazing portfolio of products. By building on their streamlined production processes, Xiaomi has successfully integrated forward-thinking designs into each and every one of their product lines. 2014 was an unbelievable year for Xiaomi, releasing new phones, tablets, and earphones. With each growing success, Xiaomi has greater confidence in the ability to expand into other products.

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"Genuine world-class brand. Stunning designs, leading craftsmanship and flagship-level products at affordable prices. The new leader." "Always impressive, I love Xiaomi products for their consistency: they look and feel fantastic. And deliver uncompromising performance."

4.8 out of 5

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I ordered this, in Paris, after reading a lot of reviews and watching a lot of videos about it.<br>I am a big Xiaomi fan. I own a Mi Band 2, a Redmi 4x and a Redmi 4 Note.<br>My mother and my fiancée both have Xiaomi phones.<br>Hence, I might be a bit subjective.<br><br>I bought this for my fiancée, for her birthday.<br>I only "played" with it for a few hours, when I re-flashed it with the xiaomi.eu ROM.<br>Originally it only had Chinese and English as languages and there was a problem with installing/running Netflix.<br>I sorted that out. Now it runs in Romanian, my native language, and the language that my fiancée prefers.<br>Another thing worth mentioning is that it doesn't support GSM calling (it does support SIM and the Internet Access coming with that).<br>Don't get me wrong, it does have a microphone and Skype and other Communication Apps work great.<br>You can receive/send SMS.<br>But no calling. It kind of makes sense, because it is so damn large, it would be difficult to hold it as you would hold a phone.<br>I have previously played with quite a few Tablets, but this one impressed me, in the few hours of testing it.<br>I believe it is the best that this amount of money (€281.98) can buy. Period.
If you consider buying this phone you should definitely do it .. This phone with that price its the best choice out there , for those who want it for casual web surfing and do some casual tasks and some games this phone is for you.. About the camera the rear camera is excellent in daylight but in night it has some noise in the pictures but if you want the best from your camera you should definitely install gcam, about the front camera , the selfies are great and with the addition of the flash photos are very good even at the dark hours. In conclusion if you want this phone to handle all your casual tasks and play some games , you should definitely go for it .
Qualità/prezzo del cellulare ottima. Sistema operativo android semplice e funzionale senza problemi. È da settare corettamente all'inizio (lingua, dizionario tastiera, ecc...).<br>I programmi scaricati e installati fino adesso funzionano senza problemi di compatibilità. Molto fluido e reattivo anche nella riproduzione video dal web.<br>Ricezione wi-fi eccellente. Segnale rete e dati molto buoni.<br>Audio di buona e qualità delle conversazioni telefonica ottima.<br>Fotocamera discreta (ottime foto e video).<br>Display ottimo anche se la luminosità automatica tendenzialmente lo mantiene poco luminoso (stanca meno l'occhio a mio avviso).<br>Qualita costruttiva e materiali ottimi.<br>Durata batteria ok.<br>A posteriori posso dire che è stato tra i migliori Xiaomi che abbia mai avuto....lo sostituisco per necessità....!!!
Estoy encantado con mi nuevo teléfono móvil con el que puedo conectar el altavoz cuando recibo una llamada y así oírla mejor e incluso puedo grabarla y tenerla en formato MP3.<br>Lleva 1 cámara frontal de 5 MP -para selfies ideal- y otra trasera de 13 que consigue unos resultados excelentes -con o sin flash- e incluye editor de imágenes con el que no hace falta usar el Photoshop del PC para hacer cambios en la foto.<br>El teléfono viene con MIUI 9, que es un derivado de Android (yo no he tenido problemas de compatibilidad todavía).<br>4 Gigas de ram y 64 de rom (se le puede añadir una tarjeta de 128) y la pantalla es de 5'5 pulgadas (1920 x 1080) con lo que ver películas desde el móvil es una experiencia única.<br>Yo estoy muy contento con él y se lo recomiendo a todo el mundo.
The smartphone is good for the low use, it can handle the majority of apps with easy alone, with other apps open it struggles a bit closing the one not in the first plane and it can make some jobs more long and difficult because of that.<br>The screen is main issue, it's fragile, but if you take great care it can last you, mine got dropped from the height of my head and fell down to the ground and got some crackles but is still in use, I will get a new screen very soon and pass this phone to my father, how will get a great experience with this one.
Touch and feel are pleasant. The magnetic plug for charging is very easy to use, however it is an item-specific plug which might be difficult to replace in case of loss or deterioration of the original cable. The lining is comfortable and adjustable (see photos). The logic of on/off and blinking modes of the rear lights is difficult to figure out (see video)...and the directions for use are not very helpful! Altogether a classy (but also expensive) helmet.
1. it was a great global experience. I'm very satisfied with it. I absolutely recommend it.<br>2. I like its innovative design. I dislike to have to put the windows system in French myself but I did quite easily.<br>3. the battery last quite longer than the other products. the screen quality is fantastic. the shipping was also very good.<br>4. I will absolutely recommend this to anyone looking for a great computer quality.
I bought this product to have a better case than usually found in stores. I was expecting that it will hold longer than a cheaper alternative. <br>Now it's 2.5 years since I use it and it works still good to me, however I can see great tears in the cover and the folding area is heavily used now. It still holds and protects my mipad but obviously it won't last too much longer. <br><br>I have to tell that I commute to my work daily and it takes several hours when I use my tablet so it's in really heavy use all day.
This is the best backpack I have ever owned.<br>The design is unique, very nice reflective design (helps being visible while biking), it has lots of very well positioned storage compartments and on top of that's it's it's rain proof. <br>Xiaomi never disappoints.<br>The order came with courier straight to my doorstep pretty fast too.<br>Thank you Gearbest!
Il prodotto è stato consegnato in un elegante pacchetto che conteneva gli accessori specificati all'acquisto.<br>Il telefono ha ottime capacità di memoria sia interna che di RAM. Nonostante abbia un display molto grande è di facile trasporto, non ho mai avuto problemi a portarlo nelle tasche dei pantaloni.<br>La fotocamera è ottima oltre per le foto anche per i video in HD, inoltre anche la ricezione delle telefonate che il servizio internet è stato sempre eccellente.<br>Il prodotto è stato acquistato da un anno ancora non ho riscontrato degli svantaggi.
I wanted a keyboard for software development and casual gaming.<br>Requirements:<br>- precise<br>- not too loud<br>- backlight<br>The keyboard could be a bit more quiet, and it allows for some fast typing.<br>The backlight does not depend on some software, so it works in any OS. You set the backlighting with the keyboard function key + pageup or pagedown.<br>I love the feeling/texture of the PBT keys, they are really much better than standard ABS keys.
Questo Xiaomi Redmi 6 è fatto con linee semplici e classiche ma che vengono compattate ed aggiornate come oggi vuole la moda ovvero con un piccolo notch anteriore e la fotocamera posteriore spostata a sinistra in alto. Nel complesso il design è pienamente riuscito e da una rinfrescata generale alla fascia media. Soddisfacente sul piano costruttivo che come oramai sappiamo è ottimo. L'insieme di metallo e plastica è ben assemblato e solido. In definitiva nel rapporto qualità-prezzo la Xiaomi segna un altro punto a suo favore.
Product arrived quickly and in good condition, the product includes a battery! which is a nice surprise, also, the operation is smooth and temperature/humidity updates are quick. It's showing slightly different result for humidity than my other device, I'll check which one is more precise, also there is a slight update lag between mi home and device screen, but it's a marginal issue. Overall - great device
Great pen , i love this becouse all of this is real<br>Main Features:<br>● Switzerland imported refill: smooth writing and smear-proof, retractable and refillable<br>● Japan imported ink: smooth, rich black ink for effortlessly strong impression<br>● 0.5mm fine point draws razor-sharp, consistent lines<br>● 9.5mm contoured grip for superior comfort and control<br>● Handy retractable and rotatable design, convenient to use<br>● All-metal precision connection parts, 50,000 times rotation life test
Build quality is top notch. Highly recommended. <br><br>Pros<br>- input methods ( keyboard and trackpad ) are among the best I've come across in the PC world ( excluding Mac user experience).<br>- Screen <br>- Speakers<br><br>Cons<br>- Windows 10 Chinese version. Replaced with Ubuntu, everything works as intended ( Nvidia discrete graphics included )<br>- In higher workloads, fan can be noisy.<br>- Only 1 usb-c port
Nice phone. After 4 years still work. The screen is very tactil and the battery is amaizing. Was the first Xiaomi device but after I bought more an more Xiaomi products. I love this brand. High quality at good and acceptable price. Note 3 was a very good phone. I apreciate more because Xiaomi provide support a lot of time after the release on the market this product.
this is probably the best case for a mi note 3. it has a premium feeling as it's made with good materials and protects the phone nicely, even if the bottom is not covered. silicone tends to become glossy overtime though, and grips in my pockets.
Como se puede apreciar en las imágenes, después de unos pocos meses de uso continuado, no se aprecia mucho desgaste.<br><br>Ajusta muy bien y es casi como la original de Xiaomi, aunque no es original. La única diferencia apreciable (a parte de que no está acabada con el mismo detalle) es que el enganche que sujeta la pulsera cerrada es de plástico en vez de la aleación de metal que utiliza Xiaomi, pero eso no hace que agarre peor.
Quality AC and USB adapter to which the Xiaomi brand refers. Very practical and avoids the use of multiple chargers. The loading speed is very good even with two devices at the same time. Usually gear sent by Gearbest to Europe comes with the proper AC power adapter. This was not the case this time as I had to purchase one separately. Still a great article for a good price. Very satisfied.
O som me surpreendeu pelo tamanho dela, é muito bonita, som de qualidade com o volume moderado, muito alto já apresenta distorção, e a bateria infelizmente não é tão boa quanto o anunciado, ultimamente tenho que carregar com menos de duas horas de uso. Preço tá um pouco elevado
Mi serviva un telefono dalle grandi prestazioni e questo le soddisfa in pieno.. Ottimo in tutto grazie al processore snapdragon 845..un vero missile!Inoltre è supportato alla grande dagli aggiornamenti e per me che venivo da un telefono che non ne aveva proprio è stata una vera manna!<br>In conclusione sono stra-contento!
отличный фонарик +повербанк Xiaomi Portable LED Flashlight ,соответствует описанию,светит ярко,доставка быстрая,рекомендую!<br>excellent Flashlight + poverbank Xiaomi Portable LED Flashlight, consistent with the description, is shining brightly, fast delivery, recommended!
The phone works great and sounds are good. Operational issues are none and updates come regularly over the air. My only beef is that i can"t set it to my city or country (Toronto,CANADA). Considering that we are big enough to be in a map of the world, why they would choose to omit CANADA from the list of time zones? Incredible!!!
Non conoscevo questa azienda fino a un anno fa fino a quando ho acquistato un smartphone Mi8. ho dvuto ricredermi e devo devo dire che' e' fatto molto bene ottimo processore molto fluido in qualsiasi circostanza. la fotocamera e' ottima, ottimo il display colori veri e non artefatti . in piu' sistema costantemente aggiornato. Io lo consiglio vivamente senza spendere soldi in piu' per altri marchi che non hanno nulla di piu'.
The phone offers the same specifications as much more expensive brand names, at a fraction of the cost. This is the third Xiaomi I have owned and it leaves nothing to be desired. Its battery live is miles better than Samsung and others, its fast, has an excellent screen resolution and plenty of storage.
Easily connects to my son's cell phone, long lasting battery, good audio quality. At home I hear relatively well, but on the bus I hear less than regular headphones, because there is only one earphone it's difficult to hear in noisy places (in the beginning it was better maybe the volume was better...). Also some friends tried to use it and it didn't connect to their phones.
Telefon kupiony rok temu, jako prezent dla małolata.<br>Nie jest pozbawiony wad ...ale całkiem przyzwoity i co najważniejsze - obdarowanemu bardzo się spodobał.<br>Jak na budżetowy telefon działa bardzo poprawnie, czytnik linii papilarnych działa bez problemów, zdjęcia wychodzą w miarę ok. Wady - klasyczne dla tego segmentu telefonów.
Excelente medidor TDS, los resultados los da muy rápido y precisos. Hice la prueba de diferentes fuentes de agua: filtrada, embotellada, hervida y se puede ver la diferencia entre cada una. Resulta muy útil si tienes un purificador en tú casa ya que puedes ver la calidad del agua y tener en consideración cambiar o no los filtros.
It works as intended. I can plug different devices and they all charge at the same time.<br>The plug can be sort of flimsy depending on how you plug it in the socket. If you hang it from the wall horizontally, it appears to be a bit frail, like it could fall down.<br>Overall good for what it is.
I've been using the Mi Mix 2 for over 2 years now. I have yet reached the point this wonderful phone could not handle what I've thrown at it.<br><br>This phone also continues to receive complementary remarks. The quality of the product just catches people's eye.