A growing global phenomenon, Xiaomi has an amazing portfolio of products. By building on their streamlined production processes, Xiaomi has successfully integrated forward-thinking designs into each and every one of their product lines. 2014 was an unbelievable year for Xiaomi, releasing new phones, tablets, and earphones. With each growing success, Xiaomi has greater confidence in the ability to expand into other products.

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"Genuine world-class brand. Stunning designs, leading craftsmanship and flagship-level products at affordable prices. The new leader." "Always impressive, I love Xiaomi products for their consistency: they look and feel fantastic. And deliver uncompromising performance."

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Sensor de presença humana, deve ser utilizado em conjunto com o gateway Xiaomi Mijia para automação residencial.<br><br>Super sensível, discreto, perfeito para detectar a presença de pessoas e animais no ambiante, peça chave para automação de ambientes. Ja tenho 3 instalados em minha residencia, nessa compra vieram mais 3 e estou esperando mais 2 chegarem, um sensor em cada comodo, integrado ao ecossistema Mijia e voce começa a ter uma inteligencia considerável na casa.<br><br>Recomendo muito a compra. <br><br>Da postagem ate a entrega no Brasil foram incriveis 7 dias apenas, sem atraso nem taxas de alfandega brasileira, estou muito impressionado com esse tempo.<br>A unica coisa que esta deixando a desejar e o tempo de postagem da Gearbest, demorando as vezes mais de 10 dias para enviar o produto (esse no caso foi um deles)
Xiaomi, not much to say if you ever own any Xiaomi product. Quality is always top notch. Built quality is premium. you feel like you can use this thing as a nutcracker.<br>Sound quality is very nice, it has nice base and highs aren't too pitchy and distorted.<br>it's an addictive product for children, my two little nieces couldn't let it go when they come around.<br>it looks like a little rebel bunny with his flappy cap, but this is a product from a Chinese company and we can all relate what inspired where the lone star comes from, no, not from Texas. <br>I would recommend this Xiaomi product to anyone, in fact I would recommend any Xiaomi product to anyone. <br>there is no comparison in overall quality of a Xiaomi product and there's also no comparison, period, quality price ratio.
Very useful charging ports with 3 sockets and 3 USB ports. <br>The charge process is very quick, and safe. It has got a main switch, useful to have the switch to power off all attached devices without necessarily unplugging the main plug from the wall.. <br><br>Compared to the standard objects that you can buy from retailers and supermarkets its a very good build quality and also it looks like a consumer friendly product and not something which you would use just in an industry.<br>Also the feature of being able to plug tons of different countries sockets is something which cannot be normally found.<br><br>The power strip works perfectly.
It's a great contender in its price range. Solid performance, good battery life (1 full working day connected to WiFi with low-moderate brightness settings). Amazing build quality. I particularly appreciate the keyboard and the trackpad, it's a real pleasure to work and type with them, much better quality than many other high-end laptops that I have owned. Its also light, convenient for travelling. And the fact that you can use the charger for your phone (if Usb-C type, of course) it's an advantage, one less thing to worry about when travelling. For multimedia consumption, the screen is nice, bright enough (although with some reflections), and the speakers are very good for a laptop, good work between dolby and AKG. I do recommend this notebook for travellers that also want solid performance and decent battery life.
I had a bit of problems with the shipment of the product.<br>The product itself is really amazing!<br>Blazing fast, touchscreen is really sensitive and even with 50% ROM usage it still works like a charm.<br>One of the most cool feature of this smartphone, which is not mentioned anywhere, is that it has an its own "security app". This app will help you keep your phone fit by cleaning it from obsolete files and improving the life of your battery turning off useless apps which are running or by smart balancing the light of the screen.<br><br>If i really have to find a flaw in this product, well it has none.<br>At the time when I bought the phone I was afraid to be in trouble if would happen something to it (like falling, being hit, ...) since there were no Xiaomi product centre in my country yet, but that was solved with a cover with amazing bumpers.
I've been using this laptop for over a year, mainly to study: writing notes, making multimedia presentations, listening to music, browsing the Internet. I installed Linux on it and it was a great decision, because it lasts 6-8 hours on the battery and works very well in what it is used for.<br>The screen is unevenly illuminated, which you can only see when the image is dark - but it doesn't interfere with use. <br>You write on it very comfortably and the keys don't wear off after more than a year, which I think is a big plus. <br>In general, I highly recommend it, because it is a very good product. <br><br>Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator
Bis hierher war ich sehr zufrieden mit dem Telefon, es hätte 5* verdient gehabt!<br>Aber, leider aber ist jetzt das Handy von sich aus in einen Modus gegangen indem es zwischen einem kleinen Linux Pinguin und einem schwarzen Bildschirm wechselt.<br>Es lässt sich nicht mehr einschalten, auch das Hardreset mit Power und Level up und dem versuchten recovery blieben erfolglos. Recherchen im Netz haben ergeben das der emmc<br>Speicher sich verabschiedet hat. Da gerade 2-Jahre rum sind ist es wohl auch vorbei mit der Kulanz bzw. Garantie.<br>Ich hatte zwar als ich es gekauft habe mal zu Apple User gesagt das ich mir für den Iphone Preis alle 2-Jahre ein neues Handy von Xiaomi kaufen könnte aber das das Handy sich daran erinnert hat, Alle Achtung!
Pros:<br>+ Compact and very well designed.<br>+ Do its function as expected (four parameters are monitored).<br>+ Price (with a coupon) was very adequate, so why not give this product a chance?<br>+ Several units can be used at the same time withe the official app, so you can monitor key plants in your garden/home<br><br>Cons:<br>- Sometimes has trouble finding connection, but seem to be improved trough latest app updates
It works fine, with a really bright warm white light. If you don't have a desk lamp it's a good choice especially if you use it with a power bank and with a phone stand for the bank :D .<br>I can say only one negative thing. I bought two of them and both have a falling out button because the upper leg of the plastic cap what is on the button broke down (see it on the pictures).<br>All in all it's a really helpful gadget even if it's button falls out.<br>I like it.
Пришел за месяц, упаковано было плохо, из-за чего коробка помялась. Родной usb кабель слабоват, сдох через 2 месяца. Корпус царапается, но выдерживает любые падения. Белый пластик по краям темнеет сильно со временем. Спустя где-то год, отвалился один порт для зарядки, пришлось паять. На второй год, уже из-за небрежного отношения вырвало гнездо зарядки micro usb. В целом, крепкий повербанк, но могут быть проблемы с портами usb.
Its Very Goood... Its Very Goood... Its Very Goood... Its Very Goood... Its Very Goood... Its Very Goood... Its Very Goood... Its Very Goood... Its Very Goood... vIts Very Goood... Its Very Goood... Its Very Goood... Its Very Goood... Its Very Goood... Its Very Goood... Its Very Goood... Its Very Goood... Its Very Goood... vIts Very Goood... Its Very Goood... Its Very Goood... Its Very Goood... Its Very Goood... Its Very Goood... Its Very Goood... Its Very Goood... Its Very Goood...
Excelente dispositivo. Tenía mis dudas para pedir en línea un celular, pero la verdad quedé fascinado con el servicio la garantía y la eficiencia, no hay nada que temer todo salió a la perfección.<br>Llego en excelentes condiciones y no le falta nada. Respecto a la marca, increíble todas sus características y por un módico precio, definitiva mente es mi nueva marca a elegir, me volví fan Xiaomi
Посылка пришла быстро. Мышка упакована в оригинальную упаковку. Инструкция на китайском, но и так все понятно ( для того, чтобы спарить с устройством по bluetooth необходимо зажать кнопку подключения и отпустить, когда огонек начнет мигать синим ). Мышка очень понравилась. Миниатюрный дизайн и быстрая смена режима подключения Очень рекомендую.
The Construction is very nice, the similar leather is fine, beautiful, i'll give to my girlfriend and expected that her like it !<br>as a minus i can say that i didn't expect for the holder to be from plastic. i hoped it was metalic
This article is amazing in his sound, but i had to sell it, because it doesn't work with iPhone (Mi Home App doesn't found this article). <br><br>And it is not really easy to set an alarm clock. not that intuitive.<br>Its way easier with the app.. but like i said, it doesn't work for Apple devices.<br><br>The sound quality is absolute gorgeous for such little thing. And its really nice to watch.
Very good IP camera which is also very affordable. You can sync recordings to external drive connected to your router. Camera has long USB cable. IR quality is good. Material quality is very decent. It has built in microphone and loudspeaker. Can be a great addition to your Smart Home.
I bought this when i didnt have much money and really needed a good cellphone with good specs, and i got what i payed for.<br>It is just incredible, all the things, the hardware and software are almost a unbeatable combination, it really destroys any other cellphone for the same price.<br>I had this phone for 2 years and never disapointed me, and i am sure that is not gonna disapoint you
El producto llegó antes de lo esperado, va como la seda. Tiene espacio más que suficiente y se ha actualizado a la versión de MIUI 10 <br>El único problema que tengo actualmente, es que el conector del cable de carga falla bastante, tengo que estar jugando con el cable bastante tiempo para que consiga cargar... pero otro que pedí no ha tenido ese problema.
Suona ancora meglio di quanto immaginassi. E' incredibile come un oggetto così piccolo riesca ad avere bassi così profondi.Comoda la versione con tf card che ti permette di ascoltare musica anche senza avere lo smartphone.Unico difetto è che la versione che mi è arrivata ha la voce guida cinese. Ho rimediato usando il traduttore di google col telefono. Alla fine ho dovuto prendere la versione azzurra visto che quella rosa/fucsia non era disponibile
Отличный зарядник, шнур в комплекте. И пауэрбанк и шнур поддерживают быструю зарядку. Это уже второй зарядник от Xiaomi, ёмкость соответствует заявленной. Всем советую.
Der wlan Empfang mit diesem Router ist einfach unfassbar. Nicht vergleichbar mit europäischen Geräten. Das mag an der höheren Sendeleistung liegen der in Europa nicht der Standard ist, stört mich aber nicht sonderlich. Selbst 50m vom Haus entfernt habe ich noch wlan. Toller Router aber leider nur mit 100mbit Anschluss.
ein empfehlenswerter Kauf!<br>Lieferung ging schneller als erwartet und das Handy ist top. habe es nun seit 2 Jahren in Dauerbenutzung und bin zufrieden. das einzige Manko: der zweite Sim Steckplatz der sich für die Speicherkarte verwendet werden kann, hat nach kurzer Zeit sowohl die Sim als auch die Speicherkarte geschrottet. wer aber wie ich mit einer Sim und dem internen Speicher zufrieden ist für den ist das Handy auf jeden Fall etwas!
Ich liebe diese Notebook. Die Verarbeitung ist großartig und die Performance ist ausreichend. Habe noch eine zweite ssd eingebaut. Es sieht auch nach langer Nutzung immer noch aus wie neu. Was ich ebenfalls hervorragend finde ist das Display. Noch nie so ein gutes Display bei einem Notebook gesehen.
EL producto es genial.<br>Permite tener las aplicaciones de android en el sistema sin muchos problemas.<br>Le puedes conectar un disco duro y te escaneara todos los videos que tengas disponibles. Se actualiza regularmente y mejora la tramision de video aunque tengas bajo ancho de banda.<br>El control es muy fino y permite que le hables al televisor para no necesitar un teclado en la sala.<br>El mejor TV box del mercado.
the price to quality realtion is exceptional, in addition it has de gps mode which let's you fly the drone with non or minimum knowledge of flying drones.<br>the quality of the camera is in my opinion very good but not as some dji drones, but is here where the price difference takes place.
Ho dimenticato di recensirli, ma forse è meglio così, almeno posso dirvi che a distanza di ben 2 anni entrambi i redmi 4A che ho funzionano ancora perfettamente. Grande Xiaomi!Lo era già allora quando ancora in Europa era poco conosciuta, ma oggi la reputo forse tra le migliori!!
Ho dimenticato di recensirli, ma forse è meglio così, almeno posso dirvi che a distanza di ben 2 anni entrambi i redmi 4A che ho funzionano ancora perfettamente. Grande Xiaomi!<br>Lo era già allora quando ancora in Europa era poco conosciuta, ma oggi la reputo forse tra le migliori!!
Original Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier Filter<br>• High efficiency 3 layers filter: Primary filter net, EPA filter net, high quality activated carbon filter <br>• The filter can remove 99.99 percent of PM2.5 particles, bacteria, heavy metal, organic matter, etc.<br>• Easy and fast to install
Sono le perfette cuffie da usare ogni giorno , senza paura di sbatterle , maltrattarle perderle.<br>La qualità di costruzione è ottima , come per tutti i prodotti xiaomi.<br>La qualità audio è ottima e sicuramente si fa valere anche contro cuffie che costano fino ai 30, 40€ .<br>Peccato che dopo qualche mese di utilizzo una delle cuffie ha smesso di funzionare, ma posso assicurare che le ho messe a dura prova
крепкий пластик, логотип mi присутствует. в комплекте винты на шестигранник 1.5мм. отвертки/шестигранника в комплекте нет.<br>при медленном полете с камерой направленной вперёд в кадр не попадают. при ускорении сразу лезет в кадр. <br>не понятно, от каких повреждений защищает, пластик гнется.... при падении, винты и защита разлетелись на куски. аппарат остался целым без царапин)